Wednesday, May 16, 2007

young old man

The man resides within the man
Inside a strong armour, cylinder shaped,
Made of the five elements, designed of eight lotuses.

The power of yoga is his ornament,
He resides in the muladhara;
He journeys upward, he lights all the seven lights
He illuminates the secret room within the man.
--Gopla Khapa

Narayan Chandra Adhikari is 74 years old. He has been practising the art of Baul even before my parents were born. And yet, he still sings with as much gusto, still stalks the stage like a panther and still dances, the sound of his Nupurs dogging his every step. Here he's playing a version of the dotara that hails from the Bangladesh border.


duende said...

oh ho hendrix turned out in saffron. whatanight. whataman. whatapics. :)

Shutterfly said...

full sending of song he's doing. Inspirational.
I want to come for these concerts but I never know when.Keep me posted eh?