Monday, May 14, 2007

27 and counting

Exactly 27 years ago my mom went out to get the morning paper and never set foot in her father's house as an unmarried woman again. My father, the slightly scruffy looking lad (look who's talking), was waiting in an ancient fiat with his friend to whisk her away into wedded bliss. The marriage took place at a close friend's house, while my mom's dad warmed up his shotgun (hot blooded army type with a heart of gold).

Well, that was long ago but they did celebrate their anniversary 2 days ago.
Amma and Baba, a very happy anniversary to you and a saluation to your patient love. Keep smiling always.


moonstruck said...


So much to smile about.

Sine Qua Non said...

what a wonderfulll life.

duende said...


Shutterfly said...

:) :)
love is all you ever need they say.

Restless said...

sweet :)

Jay said...

aah.. My mom would love to read this.. I hope you guess who i am!