Saturday, May 19, 2007

basket case

It's 2am. A car purrs up to the pavement furtively and doors are shut rather frantically. A man carries a little cradle, with a 6 month old baby. She is painfully tiny and rather sickly. His wife gone, he can't deal with this anymore. He opens the gate, trying not to cause a stir, lowers the infant into a swinging basket and rings the bell. There's no turning back now. He slinks away into the darkness, an engine is given life and that's that. For him.

For the baby, it has just begun. And this is just one story. There are hundreds more, behind each wistful smile, each stifled giggle, each lost gaze. The law doesn't permit me to put up my photos of the children, so I hope that those who chance by this are willing to imagine.

Ashraya's Children's Home has been responsible for turning many lost gazes into stifled giggles. Maybe someone out there can help them out in their tireless, happy endeavour. By visiting, passing on the information or contributing more. Read on at HUMANS FOR HUMANITY

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