Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Big Chill - Insane in the membrane

As the tell-tale plumes of smoke dissipated in the 'green' tent, The Mad Professor was warming to the idea of being interviewed. He had just got off stage, after a set that got the groove going on the afternoon of day one. Dub, trip-hop, rap, reggae all mixed and mingled as the Professor spun his stuff with panache bordering on the disdainful as slightly distorted silhouettes of palm trees danced on the giant screen behind him. But he wasn't as he recalled his Indian connection in hometown Guyana, sneaking out of school with his buddies to watch Amitabh uncle's films. Neil Fraser got his moniker when he was a young lad, preferring to take apart radio sets rather than play a game of cricket on the beach. It was a quite an experience, chilling with the grand vizier of dub.

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