Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Beery Beery Good

I've fallen in love with beer all over again. There was a hiatus of a few years but I've quickly realised that there are few joys than the first sip of perfectly chilled beer after a long hard day, or just anytime.

It's Oktoberfest time yet again and thousands of beer guzzlers will descend on Germany and many mugs will be downed. Not to mention all the eye candy (I can sense Recho salivating at the above photo). Sigh. A journey I must make sometime.
Check out the scenes on the official Oktoberfest 2006 website


duende said...

brrr brrr buy me brrrr.

Sylvan Goddess said...

Fallen in love with beer all over again!? Thaaaat's my brother! :D

Hari Potter said...

Muhahaha...twirls moustache..:D