Monday, September 18, 2006

A Sting in the Tail

Another night of drunken revelry, another night of cheer, this time at a collegues' wonderfully vibed 7th floor apartment. We ran through the vino (smack). We ran through the Jack pretty darn quick as well. Then there were the tequila shots and the usual round of herbs. By then, things were distinctly hazy but a lot of fun nonetheless. Until some poor drunk misguided soul decided to pull out a bottle of Scorpion Mescal from the liquor cabinet. It's made from the agave cactus and apparently residing in the blurry lines between alchohol and hallucinogens. We were too far gone to realise these onerous implications at the time, and happily downed a shot each of the evil tasting liquid. I mean the bottle has a scorpion fermenting in it. What were we thinking. What followed was a trip that is best left to the imagination. Let's just say the shadows were alive that night. I can't wait to try this on its own merit. Until then, sobriety seems suddenly attractive.

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