Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Hills Are Still Alive - Darj Continued

Trek up to Tiger Hill
Took some unbeaten paths and so managed to escape the tourists and the crowded viewpoint. Just found my own.

Lotus Temple

On The Street

Mall Sunset


Maria said...

Hey .. i absolutely love the last pic ..its just absolutely gorgeous .. alos please write about ur travels ..waiting to know more ..


Chamki said...

lovely stories
didn't know when you left.
lotsa love,
goodness be,

duende said...

ooh baby blue skies!
go go go!

shiggyinsweden said...

superb stuff! Love the veg momo place . Where is this exactly?

Your blog is entering the hallowed halls of my bookmark collection.

Restless said...

the weather looks mighty fine brother

Sharon said...

Lovely pics hari !
hope ur having a blast :)

Shutterfly said...

i miss them green corduroy fields. Big bursting clouds with holes poked in em. Red Umbrellas. Small eyes. big hearts.
The photographs are beautiful, as always. You paint with light what I try with ink.
'piles' of luck.
take care 'bum'.
tahahaha again. oh how i love 'inside jokes'
tahaha *dies *