Sunday, May 11, 2008

Darjeeling Unlimited

Smile Please OK
The latitude and longitude don't matter. Hill folk are hill folk everywhere. Smiles transcend language barriers and in a place with a hundred tongues it's a useful greeting. Without further ado, the people of Darjeeling.

A busker by any other name...

Water is scarce and an emerging business trend in Darjeeling is transporting H2O. Unfortunately we humans use a LOT of water and there are some killing slopes in Darj. That guy was almost kissing the road in an attempt to get that damn cart moving. Inertia can be a bitch.

A very reliable source (soon to be introduced via his very own blog post) tells me that Bhola (on the right) makes the best Dum Aloo in the world, or atleast here in Darj. In a land where the potato only second to sunning onself (I'm only kidding of course), the man that maketh the Aloo Dum is King.

that's me :)

Ah pity the man who drinks mah tea.
A stroll through Happy Tea Garden, a couple of Ks from town.

The weather here has more frailty than Shakespeare's women. The main town square, the ever effervescent mall bears a deserted face as the clouds descend.

hey, I'm entitled to one touristy thing na?


Eliza... said...

Hey Hunn lovely pics .. reminds me of my trip there .. and makes me wanna be in india right away ... love the pic of the mini train .. with all the smoke .. keep up the goodwork ...

and hey i am trying to blog as well .. wil send ya the link sometime when i'm happy about it ;)

duende said...

nice nice nice. the memories come flooding back. eat a few momos for me too dude.

moonstruck said...

Woah. Fantastic pictures.