Sunday, August 19, 2007


Ever since I was little I've always microsized trying to imagine what it would be like for an ant looking up at the mammoth world, what it would be like to live inside a flower. I got a brand new 105mm macro lens and I'm having a good time finding those things out. Here are a few results from early experimenting.


Chamki said...

viewing them on my colourblind monitor. still liking the first one, love the lines on the finger. I like the comparison. Rest when I see it on a healthy monitor.

Shutterfly said...

the rainbow is free indeed.

Ridhi said...

I feel like Alice again :)

duende said...

ﺊﻆﻮﻼﻥﻨﻈ ﮚﯓﺊﻏﻓﻦﻭ