Saturday, August 11, 2007

kodi portraits

Our cars skim the valleys
We call home
I envy them

"Can I have a jacket?"
Asked the cattle herder
"All I have is the T-Shirt on my back"
I smiled.

Not Veerappan
Not even his brother
Just eucalyptus Puttappa

Woodcutter proxy
Noserings of gold
Silvery laughter

Menu Nagaraj
Driving Ms.Dasies and Mr.Fatwhiteman
Bread 'omlete' belches

Aslam bhai
For his mango van to come

Her lunch
Holding on
To dear life

And a steely glint

How sharp
Is my sickle?

1 comment:

Shutterfly said...

i love the hands.
the fingers
and the fingertips.