Wednesday, February 14, 2007


When a jam surpasses the realm of reality and pervades the senses of the sublime, the notes that emerge serve as a conversation, a meeting of minds on a plane that fortunately has a window to let us lesser mortals sit in unison and gape. That was emotion evoked when Buddy Guy called upon guitar wunderkind Walter Trout to join him on stage. They both soared in a place that only the true musician is given access to and we were lucky enough to witness it.


Echo said...

These are awesome!! All of them. I know professional photographers who can't even think about catching the action and energy like this.

niyu said...

hey amazing shots.
really really amazing timing.
saw you at mr waters concert as well. waiting for thoses pictures.hehe.

Hari Potter said...

Hey thanks a ton for the kind kind words. :)

Saw me at mr waters?

duende said...

yay yay full enjoy

Shutterfly said...

sigh! sigh!
how was waters?
i sat full weekend and read nick mason floyd biography. then listened to every album four times.
sigh :(
i await those pictures with eager anticipation.
they will complete my "wish i was there" weekend. sigh.