Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The bottle dangles in my lifeless fingers
Explaining my prone form
Some look
Some smile
Some laugh all the while
But I still lie there
Stupor man
Lost to the world
Lost in my mind
Sun and rain, day and night
The poison owns me
And my kind
I try to purge
I try to repent
I try to try to try to stop
But it never works
And then I drop
Down on my knees
At first
Then in my eyesI drop down low
When will I ever be awake?
No one knows.

I once was young
With a degree to show
I thought I'd move mountains
And molehills would run
The very skies would open
To shower their love
I thought I could do anything
And then do some more
Money, its a crime
It made me dream
It made me hope
But then it sent me crashing down
Far below
Roped in
To a horse and carriage
And I couldn't shout
I wanted to scream
I even tried
But I knew the owner
Would throw me out
Then the streets would call my name
I could never live through that shame
So I take them for rides
Children and lovers
Families and firangs
All sit behind me
And hear my tale
Until I hasten
There's money to be made.


Woman?? said...

Very empathic.

Hari Potter said...

Aye, that it is.