Monday, December 11, 2006

the little joys #6

Conquering my fear of injections. WOOHOO!!!
P.S. That's my first terrible attempt at artwork. Please forgive. :)


therapy said...


thats one fear i'd rather not conquer.

the thought of any such thing may involve blood which is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could conquer my fear of injections! It's a proper PHOBIA. :s

Hahahaha very endearing artwork :)

Hari Potter said...

Blood I can take.
40 injections over a cumulative 72 hours and they don't seem as monstrous as they once did.

Anonymous said...

good job on conquering the fear of needles. i've had no such luck with bunnies.blech.
but why does the injection have a handlebar mooch?hehe

Anonymous said...

bravo on the handlebar-mustache-injection-man sketch!
pins needles and blood aren't the worst thing long as there's a certified medical practitioner who wants you to 'shoot-up'...and not the cheery, friendly top-hatted man from the dicy pert of town!
ps-the word verification for this comment was "PPOBPA"-an improper phobia. hehe.