Monday, December 04, 2006

Less Talk, more TAAQ

TAAQ turned 10 and I've been around for 7 of those years. I can still remember the first time I saw them, in Christ College, as a 11th std. kid, at a time when my mind was just beginning to assimilate the mammoth scale of the music world. A couple of songs into their set and I was hooked. Like a frothing-at-the-mouth Potatoe Junkie I made my way to every concert I could, at one point attending 24 shows in a row. I couldn't and still can't get enough of these guys. Over the years adulation turned to aquaintance ala Groovedarshan and finally to friendship.

With over a 100 originals, TAAQ for me is the quintessential Indian Rock band. I don't use that as a genre classification because TAAQ have created a sound that they can proudly call their own. I say Indian Rock as these guys have managed the impossible, infusing a truly urbane Indian sensibility into their catchy refrains and gotcha grooves. Their music speaks our language, it pulls at our emotions and it definitely makes us groove. It's like the words of RK Narayan being translated into a rock band with myriad influences, Indian and international. For me, at least.

As I was clicking away at the brief celebratory concert at The Park, I was caught between concentrating on my camera work and wanting to dance with reckless abandon singing along with the songs like I always do. State Of Mine, Words and Pictures, How Can I Get Your Groove, 96, Potatoe Junkie, Respectable Man and a seriously scorching version of ELP's Hoedown and a few more Thermal gems kept a crowd of musicians, friends, family, TAAQ team members and general junta rivetted for a good 60 minutes. I loved every moment, every note, every solo, every little bit of the performance. It made me truly happy, like the gurgling children running around in front of the stage (most of the band is married with adorable kids).

Cheers to TAAQ, here's wishing that you're around for a few decades more.
And also that I'm invited to all the celebrations. :)


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Holy Jos
I love them from the bottom of my toes.
heh. still gotta update all the pics i took of them.
Those taaqkids jumping about in front was the sweetest thing ever.
Sigh! Thermal! Joy!
Oh and theres a rather amusing picture of you in the Bangalore Midday.goddamn hippie. :p