Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Languishing in fields of green
Mind bending daze

Ripples of thought ebb away

Gentle sounds, harsh thoughts

Scatter remembrances across the blue

An overwhelming glow encompasses all

Like the arms of a mother

Warm, comforting, wordless

The Kaleidoscope unfolds

The rainbow is free

Sensuousness of body, of soul

The beauty is blinding

Shielding reality

The awakening inevitable but slow

And then suddenly

There's nowhere to go.


Woman?? said...


The first word that sprang to mind when I read this.

Soft, peaceful, eternal...

therapy said...

It was water for me..fluid..

BUT sigh sigh sigh..he returns to the font,

duende said...

jeez. i guess i'm lower down in the evolutionary pond. i was thinking...hmmm... chicken biriyani and how those things are never eternal. dude. come off it.

Hari Potter said...

Hehehe...As much as I appreciate the interpretations, it was about smoking some reefer...:)

Hari Potter said...

@therapy- I was sitting by a lake when I wrote it...:D
And I haven't changed the font at any point...Browsers do some strange things sometimes...But now I will change it so tell me if you see the following posts.

Anonymous said...

really liked the poem..the picture sort of changed the tone of it for me though and made me :-(

Hari Potter said...

The photo doesn't match the poem? Or is it just the photo itself that made you sad?