Friday, November 17, 2006

Two Samorai

Two samorai
Two swords
Two glints
And a story told

In the valiant vales of valhallah
On the plains of destiny
In their mind's eyes
The fight began
Until there was no end

Honour was their creedo
Death but a joke
Not for a mere spar did they meet
The two samorai of yore

Steel to steel
Eye to eye
The clash of titans
Sparks reflecting the sun

The two samorai fought on
Beyond the night and dawn

Time came and time went
And time ceased to exist

Only space they saw
Instincts sharp
Avoiding the blades they swayed
Like dancers, like swans, like grace herself
The samorai battled on

Their battle rocked the heavens
Their battle shook the earth
Their battle led some to wonder
What all of this was worth

But the samorai didn't wonder
They didn't care
In their world was one other
One other in their gaze

The fight went on for eternity
And then some more they say
For each samorai wasn't fighting another
But something in himself
That day.


duende said...

Look at me Matsumoto...
...take a good look at my face.
Look at my eyes.
Look at my nose.
Look at my chin.
Look at my mouth.
Do I look familiar?
Do I look like somebody you murdered.

Hari Potter said...


thinkpotty said...

i like this one... the other posts are a bit too long for me ... this one is cool . i had fantastic visuals in my nmind while reading this post. good job. very lone wolf type of visuals .. you know what i am saying ?