Friday, September 01, 2006

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I can't ignore it anymore.
Firstly, its ridiculous that Hair did not give Inzy any reasons for replacing the ball on field. Secondly, he got all high and mighty about it, as racist white pigs are bound to do.
Thirdly, lets not forget that he has managed tick off almost the entire roster of Asian teams at some point or the other - think poor Murali, God's gift to spin craft, Hair's arch nemesis.
Fourthly, what on earth was the big man thinking when he tried blackmailing the ICC, THE ICC, for half a million big ones. Has he finally lost it?
Lastly, ball tampering is not easily done is this day and age of cameras honing in on every breath and butt scratch not worth mentioning. Sanjay Manjrekar might think it's possible but I'd like to see him try.
So, Darrell get over it. Ironically he's been offered a job to maintain quality standards of umpiring by the England Cricket Board for County cricket. With rumours that this entire fiasco, marring the gentlemen's game, was brought about by a tattler from the ECB itself, the whole thing, to me, raises a big WHITE stink.

Cricket is cricket. Let's leave our skin colours at the pavilion.

Glad I got that off my chest. :)

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