Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Bangalore Sunday

After an aborted airport sojourne I settled for the histrionics of Veembur's yamaha. Many sways and zoom bys later we arrived at the verdant campus of UAS (Univ of Agricultural Sciences), Veembs honing into the smoker's nook.

Happily high, we encountered the slightly shy Veterinary Ravi, who gave us his email ID (ravi_k2000@yahoo.com), "2000 is when I became a man," he gushed and giggled, face immersed in his hands.

The first of many deeds done, we set off, stopping for a flyover view of Hebbal lake, where we spotted the strangest water bird I have ever seen. More specifics on this space after I've feverishly referred my Salim Ali's Birds of India. The page turning revealed that it's a Purple Moorhen.

We then proceeded to Mr.Browne's and body and soul were sufficiently fed. Thus bolstered Dundee, Robin and I made our way to Lumbini Gardens, a misguided attempt to introduce middle class India to water sports, "the middle class also needs some entertainment macha," as Robin so eloquently put it. Having watched the snaking queues, surging Sunday crowds and overgrown our initial fascination with the lone water scooter, we proceeded to jump the wall further down the lakeside, for some peace and quiet.

Not so. Joined by 5-6 excitable kids of varying ages and hair length, we were having our own little party right there on the shore. Until of course the long arm of the law decided to show, this time in the garb of 3 stick brandishing, whistle blowing security guards, who insisted we leave, which we did without much ado.

Oh well, atleast we caught another splendid Sunday sunset.


The Illusionist said...

Second last picture is lovely :)

Sine Qua Non said...

the second picture made my heart ache:( i miss bangalore!!!

Hari Potter said...

Yeah. It reminded me of the one I took in Naggar. Although that was much much more spectacular (the place not the picture ;) )