Saturday, March 29, 2008

Adivare - home and village

Photos from my brief (way too brief) trip to my village, Adivare. Yes, that's where my surname comes from. Adivarekar = Of Adivare. Now that we're done with the QED stuff, here are some photos. I shall return to the land of my roots at leisure one day and do real justice to its remote environs with more words and pictures.

My ancesteral home, rebuilt by my grandad after a typhoon raised it to the ground in the 50s

Inside the house

Inside the house

My dad in a contemplative moment

The caretaker, Ramu kaka

Watch out for Part DVO - Vyethye Beach. Heaven.... :)


Chandan said...

hi Hari,
This is such a gorgeous post... love the shots you've taken inside the house. The one wiith the little boys around the fire is lovely too.
I don't remember when I visited my own village last..

Herr Voss said...

quite lucky that you have a home in this place...which seems quite nice, on top of everything else! and good luck for your travels.