Sunday, January 13, 2008


---Diya Pinto, petite and pretty in white, with a wisdom far beyond her years taught me a new method of meditation. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Thanks a ton Diya. :)

---Shahrukh 'Kabir' Khan and his 16 hockey stick wielding maidens showed me that American sports flicks are a whole lot of crapolla compared to our very own Chak De India. I haven't enjoyed a film so much in ages. SRK was at his understated best, happily giving up the limelight to the girls, who were all brilliant and completely natural. I even felt guilty for loving cricket so much. And I'm a damn fool for missing it on the big screen. (secret: I actually like Hindi films, even the cheesy ones) Oh, well.


Restless said...

me too....

made pearly watch parineeta the other day.

she blank as usual

therapy said...

I live here Hari. And its a beautiful energy that hates the oppression it has been forced into.

Beautiful pictures.