Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Loud & Clear

Communication has many shades. Mass, radio, TV, words, pictures, music, announcing, articulation, assertion, communion, connection, contact, conversation, converse, correspondence, corresponding, declaration, delivery, disclosing, dissemination, elucidation, expression, global village, intelligence, interchange, intercommunication, intercourse, link, making known, mention, notifying, publication, reading, reception, revelation, talk, talking, telling, transfer, translating, transmission, utterance, writing. You get the picture.

So what happens if your world is silent? What happens if you talk with your hands? Does the communication breakdown? No way.

I was at the Sheila Kothawala School For The Deaf to take some publicity shots and I ended up getting an education. The kids were putting up a play and two days to showtime , all the nerves that I'm used to seeing in any production were missing. Instead there were beaming smiles, infectious excitement and overwhelming affection.

Once they were done giggling at my hair and moustache they ran through scenes from their play for my benefit, with as much gusto as they would've for a 1000 strong audience. I've rarely seen such genuine expression, such reckless abandon.

Thanks to me they had missed their van home and it fell upon the organisers and I to get them home. So two little ones gripped each palm tight and we were off. They were very enchanted by the music system and indicated that they could hear it at very high volumes. How could I be a cad and say no to those earnest faces? So, we whizzed down the ring road, Sigor Ros blaring like never before or after as a conversation of signs and lip reading ensued at a frenetic pace. As I dropped them to their humble homes, they squeezed my hand in thanks and were off.

If you'd like to help out at the institute, they always need volunteers, funds and general help.

Jese Samuel (the principal, so mind your 'p's and 'q's)
Sheila Kothavala Institute For The Deaf


Shutterfly said...

we are all made of stars

duende said...

oh ho. big smiles and colgate teeth all. :)