Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daft Phunk

Firstly, thank God for Fergie. The show would've been unbearable if we didn't have her to gawk at.

I honestly don't understand how a band/group/posse/whatever can sell millions of records, make five fabulously produced albums in the studio, perform countless times and yet sound like long nails itching a blackboard, when they played live in Bangalore. The sound was an amplified swamp. Everything was mashed together like the regurgitated mess birds spew up for their hatchlings on Discovery.

Wait, it gets better. The backing band. They'd be tight, I thought. They'd have to be with the grooves they play on the BEP songs. No one told them though. They strutted their terrible tones, their slipping grooves and trumpet and sax solos that made us fantasize about the mute button on the gigantic sound console.

Then the vocals. Ah, the mixed up, out of time, off key vocals. Fergie hit a few notes but mostly she panted through her songs (no, the heavy breathing was definitely not a turn on). had flashes of brilliance in his supa fast raps but once you've seen Freestylin' from the likes of Mos Def, Tupac or Supernatural, all this practiced stuff seems a tad flat. As for Apl and Taboo, I have no clue what they're doing in the BEP. They barely sing or rap and mostly make the kind of guttural noises that a rude chimpanzee might have been trained to do.

Now there might have been a problem with the sound that precipitated that series of unfortunate musical notes but I don't buy that a multi-million dollar performing circus doesn't ensure perfect sound before hitting the first chords for a paying audience (luckily I didn't have to). I mean they performed (the non-musical bits) like pros and I'm sure most of the crowd lapped it up, ears firmly turned deaf. Bravo Black Eyed Peas. Clap, clap.

Did I remember to thank God for Fergie? Oh, yeah I did.
Good night.

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