Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bon voyage yo

For those years in school
For those bans on thermal underwear
For those shoulders to lean on
For that reluctance to frown
For that every ready 'send'
And the the 10 more thereafter

For all those walks
Drives, and endless treks
The Kodi jaunts
Beachy beds
For all those shows
Some mouldy
Some pure gold
I thank you Yohan
From the bottom of my heart
And wish you with love
For your brand new start
A dream come true
You rightly said
And in that dream
Somewhere down the line
I'm sure you'll find my hand
Tapping you
And saying,
"pass it man."
All the best Yo!!!


Ridhi said...

errr... yo da... pass it da!! man yo... hari has this uncanny knack of putting unbelievably intangible things into a compact sentence that is almost more than words... iyo sorry... let me try again.. i guess what i'm trying to say is that yo... we love you... we will miss you (a bit)lol... no actually LOADSSSS... but we know that you are gonna kick some ass in yennada kannada canada... so... go full throttle and kick up some dust on the way

Rainbow Hopper said...

Hey Bro,

I made it man!Loads of Turbans, Busted toilets and broken a/c's and 36 hours later...Namma hossa Uroo, Toronto Halli.
Thanks for the post man, sure brings back some good times. Holding back the tears.
We Catch up where the rainbow breaks.
HUgs and hops,

Chamki said...

er, i hardly met him but I miss him too.
Of aawl the people he had to go,
but thats some go
and send.
Ok, I'll stop.

Toronto Halli sounds closer I like that.
Lotsa love,