Wednesday, July 11, 2007

va va voom

The term "French Kiss" conjures up images of romance, Meg Ryan and vineyards. It definitely does not include a chic-hot-haute-punk rock-chick flaying her arms and singing in black leather, guitar strung and strummed with a careless tease. Mademoiselle K dropped that French allure the moment she strode on stage with the swagger of Iggy Pop. As the staccato crunchy riffing of the White Stripes gamboled with the punk revival of the Arctic Monkeys all amplified through some Radiohead, the evening was sprung with surprises. As the headbob evolved into a headbang, we were as far away from the title of the show (remember French Kiss?) as the Sex Pistols are from Boyzone.

Line up
Katerine Gierak - Vocals and Guitars
Pierre-Antoine Combard - Guitars
Pierre Louis Basset - Bass and backing vocals
David Boutherre - Drums and backing vocals


duende said...

"do you like that? do you like that? do you like that? do you like that?"
like? no. love? yes.

Shutterfly said...

sigh. I always miss these things.
lovely pictoors. :)