Friday, July 27, 2007

Over the hills and far away

As dawn breaks over the Vattakanal valley, 7 kms away from Kodai, I looked back on a week of spending a lot of time with myself, out of myself, out of my mind, in utero, dying, being born and living. I traversed the waves of the styx and the vagaries of reality. I was nurtured by nature, caressed by the cool cool breeze and driven to the kind of tears only one place has a right to inflict.

I will be back but for now, so long and thanks for all the bread omlettes.

Kodi all this week on Higher Being. Keep it locked.

1 comment:

Woman?? said...

Aha... So this is what you meant by me echoing your thoughts.
Hmmm... Hope you've had better luck than I. :)
Lovely photos, BTW.