Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ain't that a bitch

I think I expected too much. I had grand visions of a huge stadium era stage setup, with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry prancing around like demi-Gods, resurrecting memories of Zeppelinsque proportions. Well, at least they pranced.

Though the sound was a little murky, the rhythm section comprising Joel Kramer on drums, Tom Hamilton on bass and Brad Witford on guitars were tighter than Devdas or atleast Amitabh Bachchan in Sharabi. And while this held the show and sound together, it also laid bare all the mistakes that were strewn around by the two frontmen. It was this rift that also led to a
very worrying vibe from the band. Then there was the strained sarcastic jibes being exchanged between Tyler and Perry, prompting the former to keep screaming, "Joe F**king Perry, Joe F**king Perry," ad nauseum and the latter to make some sharp jabs with his elbow.

Disturbingly, the photo pit was arranged in such a way that we had NO angles to shoot the the other three guys. Co-incidence? I think not.

Even given all those shenanigans, it would be a mistake for me to completely write off the performance. At least it wasn't Sir Elton John struggling to keep our eyes open as his plink plonked his way, all alone on stage, through a 2 hour set. When the formerly toxic twins let loose and surrendered themselves at the temple of rock, they created the kind of magic few musicians can summon with ease bordering on disdain. While Eat The Rich, Living On The Edge and Dream On evoked the bouncing headbanging hormones of my *ahem* younger days, it was the short blues set, featuring Baby Please Don't Go and Messin' Around sung by Perry after a token tribute to the Kamasutra (yes, they seemed to have imbibed our rich cultural heritage) that
really clinched it for me.

After listening to their last album, Honkin' On Bobo, I think these guys need to immerse themselves in the blues to be washed clean of shite like Just Push Play and Jaded. The song of the evening was a no-brainer. Living up to its name, Sweet Emotion dredged up just about any feeling possible for humans. Loud, lush and deliciously Aerosmith, with a trademark Perry vocoder solo, it could do no wrong. Missing in action were tracks like Rag Doll, Toys In The Attic, The Farm and teenybopper staples Crazy, Jamie's Got A Gun and Angel.

But it was still a fan's dream realised. Even if they did close with I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. And I almost licked Joe Perry's shoe.


moonstruck said...

I've drooled over Mr. Tyler through my formative years.

therapy said...'re my music update:)

Sine Qua Non said...

oooooh....i WAITED for this post!
the pictures of joe perry are awesome :) i thought i'd fly down and convince him that we were meant for each other but life had other plans.

Hari Potter said...

Thank ye...You would have to get in a long long q that almost had me in it for a short while.

duende said...

yeow. nice. meow. seeing these pics only now.

Shutterfly said...

Ooo varr nice.
post meghalaya broke state made me get a job collecting and tearing tickets at the 1200 gate so I could see the second half of the show.
Ticketpro volunteer itseems. All in all it was okay show. but your pictures are super.
How could he not play Janie's Got a Gun though eh?

therapy said...

I think what you have to say about death and people is important and completely tuned in. Very well written Hari.