Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sreekhol Sophistry

What splendid fruit
The upside down tree bears

That tree -
The roots touch the sky

From that tree
The fruit is ripe, but hangs
Sans stem,

Where many tender ones

Have fallen to rot

If that tree is cut

It lives
If not,
It dies...

- On a banyan tree by Sarat

Bidut Rajbongshi on the Sreekhol


Kannika said...

Hi Hari..
Saw all your collections.. They are just superb.. No words to explain that.. Im Kannika Urs,an aspiring singer and love any kind of arts very much..

Do listen to my song & also give ur precious feedback: -->

Kannika Urs N

Hari Potter said...

Thanks Kannika. That's high praise indeed.