Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Old School

It isn't often that you get to prance around to the Hip Hop histrionics of three menacing black men from Senegal. Daara-J (meaning The School in Wolof) descended on Bangalore a few weeks ago and blasted their unique brand of rap over that unstoppable ancient African rhythm. N’Dango D, Aladji Man and Faada Freddy almost brought the roof down on the Alliance Francaise auditorium. Even if they had, I'm sure the audience would have just gone on dancing.

1 comment:

Shutterfly said...

Hip-Hop-Histrionics did you say?

yo! dis sum trippzy pix yo.
Fly shitz yo.

hmmn. perhaps I should wait a while before bringing on my niggah avatar. heehee. You've already witnessed my *COUGH* metalhead phase.
The first picture I particularly like.Almost like a 'reluctant messiah'. bwahaha. also like the third one and the last one. :)