Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sunflower Daze

Golden rays
Through swaying petals
Soaking in the Saturday sun
The shade is our mecca
Calming respite
In a yellow lake
With green jostling for space
Pride of place
Their heads are all turned away
Chiding the ball of fire
Blazing faces
Look at us
As we laze
Ah! That glorious sunflower daze.


Shutterfly said...

even i want to see sunflowers. :(
where is this and how soon can I get there?

Anooja said...

a brahminy kite! thankyouthankyou - and you have a great blog - thank you for the Ozomatli post! :) Cheers!

Hari Potter said...

@shilo - its on the way to a place called Koratakere around 25 kms from Tumkur. Go there and swim in their faces. :)

@Anooja - Thanks a ton. :)