Sunday, March 18, 2007

Still Waters, speed of thought

Swirling clouds of hazy thought
Wisp away into the passing breeze
The memory remains, to haunt, to tease
The sinking begins
Rapid eye movement but I'm wide awake
Images filter through cotton ball exsistence
Appear likes scenes from the silver screen
The dancing themes, the clear voices
Strike like hooded cobras at hapless prey
Growing, expanding, bursting
A light mining through darkness
The third eye opens
Glory to all
The sinking is complete.


Herr Voss said...
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Herr Voss said...

with my psychic powers (no, deduction has nothing to do with this) i gather you enjoy reflecting upon nature, yes?

P.S-surely you must appreciate reflective humor also..**..osla romuh evitcelfer etaicerppa tsum uoy ylerus-S.P

Hari Potter said...

ahahahahahahah hahahahahahaha

Yes, I like to mirror laughter, nature, compassion and love.

Woman?? said...


Very peaceful. Like the calm after a storm.