Friday, February 09, 2007

Damn Right

Buddy Guy came, Buddy saw, Buddy Guy played some mean geeeetaaarr blues, Buddy Guy sang like a dream, Buddy Guy had a scorching jam (coming soon) with Walter Trout (also coming soon) Buddy Guy wandered through the audience playing and singing, Buddy Guy conquered. Buddy Guy is 75 years old.

Oh Yeah, did I mention that he's a GUITAR GOD!!!!!

And I got to shake his hand and he mumbled some stuff to me. :) :)


Shutterfly said...

lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky you! *burns with jealousy*
then again its more you than've worked a lotso to get to the point where you can take pictures of BUDDY GUY!
*burns with jealousy once more*
beautifulllll beautiful photus :)

moonstruck said...

Ooooh! :)