Monday, December 18, 2006


Yes, they're much older. Yes, they aren't as furious as they were in the 70s or even a decade ago. But they're still on stage, they're still having a blast and they still have Steve Morse. And Don Airey, replacing the larger than life persona of Jon Lord on Keys, is quite snug in his new boots. It was a night of energy, it was a night of memories (I first partook of the herb when they were last in Bangalore, 4 1/2 years earlier), it was a night of some killer rock 'n' roll. Awwwraaigghttt!! I sang along with gusto. Another full circle. :)


Anonymous said...

managed to get ticket after all! weeee
nice pictures. particularly the one in the red light.
it was quite brilliant the show.
joy is the colour purple.

Rainbow Hopper said...

Oh what a night! You lucky bum got to hang out right under em Gods for a whee bit eh! Nice pics ...damned drummer always gets hidden behind the glory.