Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Battle of Pelannor Fields

With the new Rays the Riders came
Gazing down at the turmoil
Theoden gave the call
The horn of Rohann sang
And a thousand hooves roared

Like a flanking scythe
They Cut through the vile hordes
Screeching orcs, screaming men
No one surrendering, in the fields of glory
On the plains of death

From the south, the oliphonts

With mercineries from lands unknown
Crushing all in their path
With tusks a-barbed and eyes alight
Scourge of the battlefield

In the sky the Nazgul flew
Swooping down in unearthly wails
The stukas of Tolkien's world
Spreading cold hard fear
Among the mortals below

The elven archer and axe-weilding dwarf
Arrived in disarray
Talies a-rising, steel a-glint
With crimson pouring forth
They lept

No man shall kill him and that made him strong
As the king of the Nazgul
Feared by All
Slain by fair hands and raven locks
By the sword of Lady Eowyn

Tattered sails and creaking wood
Disturbed the still waters
In lieu of pirates,friends to Mordor

Emerged the spirits of a thousand undead
Spreading like a virulent foe

The spectres stole the creature's souls
And washed the evil away
In return their freedom earned
For the king of men
Did pardon them
And to their ancestors they returned

The battle was won
The castle of Minas Tirith kept
Women and children safe
Our heroes take a breath
Only one
For the the lord of Mordor lurks
Keeping an eye on Middle Earth
For all that it is worth

To the eye they must go
And end this once and for all
Till then the swords are sheathed
And the tatters out to boil.

There are only two places that have conjured up the grandeur, wonder and unadulterated magic that the worlds of Lord Of The Rings managed - Kodaikanal and Himachal Pradesh (Naggar, particular where the photo was taken).

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