Friday, October 13, 2006

The Lone Stranger

Solitary spectre standing tall

Channeling clouds of thought
Watts and wheres and hows cast aside
The tower of defiance
The spiral of shame
The gridlock of desire
The release of pain

A breath of fresh air
And a day begun anew
There are mind paths to traverse
Places to go

The spectre remains still
Letting the vagaries wash by
Another day done
And then we will fly


Sine Qua Non said...

somewhat slightly brilliant:)

Sylvan Goddess said...

harrr, please mail me. How are you, sweetie? No news from you in days..dont see you online, didn't reply to my message...lovely poem, and that tower looks familiar :)

Herr Voss said...

nice, nice your pictures man...especially the hampi ones...esp the one of the rock..................they all look like they were fucking meant to be.
sorry, got a bit carried away.