Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sankarshan "have instrument will play" Kini

And how.

I first encountered the mostly bald, once ponytailed Shanky at a job but luckily our friendship extends way beyond. This very talented gentleman plays the guitar (6 and 12 string, acoustic, electric and classical), violin, baby sitar, tabla, mandolin, pungi, saxaphone, an assortment of percussion and other instruments that I'm quite sure I've forgotten.

His baritone bends the sonorous lower reaches of Hindustani classical, with as much ease as the rasping truth of 12-bar blues.

It's a pleasure knowing him and even bigger pleasure watching him jam on anything, capable of making even a semi-musical sound.

This time he sat in on with on some peaceful 'southern' tunes, interspersed by a Frenchman flautist and an American playing Irish folk tunes???

As the saying goes,
It only happens in India.

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Sine Qua Non said...

loved the second picture:)