Thursday, September 14, 2006

The paean of the lost blog

It's been a strange couple of days. One moment I was a moderately cheery blog sending out subliminal messages into the real world through my human channel, Hari Potter. The next minute I was sent into that abyss of uncertainity, that shadow of limbo - the rain drenched, raging shores of Oblivia. Here I encountered many strange, wonderous sights, some sore, some blinding, some meaning nothing at all.

s I trudged these morose sands, I encountered an entity, desperately fighting the surf, screaming to be heard. In his hands he clutched a cricket bat, which he gazed at lovingly, everytime his throat needed a bit of a break. I tapped him on his shoulder and he turned and looked at me quizzically through his glasses.
I help you?" I asked.
"Help me, help me, HELP ME???!!!??? The good Lord, Jagmohan
Dalmia couldn't do squat and you're going to help me? That's a laugh," and he snorted out a loud forced guffaw to illustrate.
"Who are you?" I had to ask.
"Sourav, Sourav Ganguly," he sputtered, "you don't know who I am???"
"Umm, yes, but I had to make sure."
"I'll be back," said he.
"I'll be going," said I.

And my journey continued, with no respite. The realm of time does not apply here in Oblivia, so day merges into night, as seamlessly as night merges into day. The thick shapeless clouds obliterate all other methods of judgement. I wandered on until I saw a shape crouched in the tall grass. Fearing it was some sort of animal I got down on my belly and crawled across the sand until I had a better view of my company. It was a little blue man, with a large white beard.
The usual question welled up and was asked.
"I'm 134340...." he sobbed and buried his head, once again in his tiny hands.
"That's a strange name," I offered.
"Yes, a strange name, a straaannnggge name," the poor little man wailed.

"So why are you called that?"
"I wasn't always called that you know. And I wasn't always this little."
"Yes I was once a proud member of a club that had only 9 members, he said,
looking decidedly happier, "wasn't the biggest one around and I was a tad eccentric but I certainly fit in, ask anyone."
Suddenly, his face clouded
over,"Until those mean SOBs with the super telescopes arrived and took it all away, allll away."
"But I'll be back," said he.
"I'll be going," said I.

And I went, dragging my feet, wondering when it would all end. Through the cold, wet air I heard the gritty chug of an electric guitar. At last some music, at last some respite. I stamped my feet to get some life in them and ran, for the first time. I saw three men, in long cape coats, fluttering in the wind. Surrounding them in a triangle of sound were three amps into which were plugged their three guitars.
This time I didn't have to ask.

"We are Robbie Krieger, Ritchie Blackmore and Eddie Van Halen, the Three Axemen of Oblivia...hear us roaarrrr!!!" they snarled in unison.
"I always wondered where you guys were. I thought you were living lives of
decadence in massive mansions amidst huge tracts of greenery."
"No we came to Oblivia at different times and somehow found each other," they
cried in unison.
"Wow! So you've been jamming ever since?"
"Yes," again in unison.
"Could you guys stop doing that. It's annoying."
"Oh!" they exclaimed, "is it then?"
Blackmore stormed off, Eddie stuck his tongue
out and leapt away and Robbie just sat around moping.
"We'll be back!" they cried.
"I'll be going," said I.

As I turned a vision greeted my eyes. She was draped all in light with a look of
absolute peace, the kind that comes from within. She wasn't on the ground and instead floated a good few inches above. She glided toward me and touched my cheek. I was suddenly flooded with love and reached out my hand. She let her fingers meet mine and at that point I stopped caring about the clouds above, the indeterminate dimension of time, of space and all the waves that crashed ferociously at my feet, at the putrid stench that permeated all in Oblivia. All I knew was this energy that was taking me over. She didn't need to tell me. She was Gaia and I was her slave.
"Why are YOU here?" I impored.

"Because it is my home and I will not abandon it."
"But not belong," I stuttered.
"I do."
"No, it cannot be. You do not belong here in Oblivia."
"There was a time when this was not Oblivia, a time when the forests thrived and
the animals roamed free. A time when man ruled over a land he was proud to survey. But they would not have that. They wanted money. They wanted power. They wanted oil. They wanted it all. And for what? I still don't know. But I still cannot leave."
"Why? Why???" I asked, the desperation growing.
"Because once, long ago, Oblivia was Earth."

At this point I felt a twisted feeling deep within and I felt a connection once
more to my human channel. I was home. I was back. Or was I?

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