Friday, September 22, 2006

Driving you up the wall

Witnessed a wall climbing competition for the first time today. Pearly, the resident wall climbing expert in our gang played guide through the proceedings, telling us about the rules and intricacies. I was feeling pretty normal about never having climbed a wall until I was introduced to Shia, a charming 8 year old girl, who had won third place in the junior event. Apparently a couple of 5 year olds had taken part as well, their lack of reach swept under the rug by some serious persistance. 5 year olds!! And I was eyeing the wall with distinct unease, thinking it wasn't for me. It's good when you have a full blooded laugh at yourself sometimes. :)

(I know this photo isn't fantastic but I somehow liked it anyway)

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Sine Qua Non said...

I like the picture too:)
I don't like meeting kids who are cooler than me though.hmpf.