Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Film - The Producers

A play within a play is archaic. Ask Willie Shakespeare and he'll tell you all about Hamlet. Seldom does this idea take shape as originally as it does in The Producers, comic genius Mel Brooks' baby, which is still enjoying a passionate love affair with broadway. In this the latest silver screen adaptation, conman and down in the dumps producer, Nathan Lane is desperately clutching at the money begot from giving rich little old ladies some good 'ol lovin'. In walks never-been-laid obsessive compulsive account, Mathew Broderick, blue blankee in tow, a twisted scheme festering within him and the dream of being a broadway producer. Lane (Max Bialystock) is quick on the uptake and immediately sets about convincing the reluctant Bloom (Broderick) to join hands with him, all in complete 50s Singin' In The Rain musical fashion, interspersed by distinctive Mel Brooks style slapstick-meets-satire comedy. By now you're hooked. The duo launch a crooked scheme to produce the worst play in Broadway history, and cheat the IRS in the process. They rope in extraordinarily gay director, (Gary Beach) and his gang of pinky twinks to put together a show for 'Hitler In Springtime,' a look at the sensitive singing-dancing side of the f├╝hrer. The play is written by a hilariously nazi Will Farrell. Add a seriously scorching Uma Thurman to the mix and you've got a winner. This is one flick you DO NOT want to miss. A bellyfull of laughs and so much more.

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Sine Qua Non said...

hey i want to watch this when i come NEXT WEEK!!! haha...plus i think im obsessed with uma thurman anyway.