Saturday, July 29, 2006

The inimitable Mr.Robin John Jon Browne Engti

For all those who know Robin, it's easy to see how he can enrich your life, whether it's through countless tales of mirth and close calls, sardonic and dismissive words of wisdom or the plain charm of his heartfelt scowl. Ladies and gents, may I present to you, Robin Browne, diamond in the rough and a glutton for camera calls.

His piercing gaze might distract you but his cobra fingers will not miss.

Point Taken

And Robin's ongoing love affair with Odie takes a giant leap.

A little excersise a day keeps the fatty bum at bay.

You talkin' to me???


Sine Qua Non said...

not fair...there's too much eye candy on this blog:P
welcome back potter!

Recho said...

eye candy?

wow..... my bum does look good...hehe